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Walter Surfox and Weld Passivation

     The Walter SURFOX™ 305 is a electrochemical weld cleaning system for stainless steel and aluminum. It quickly and easily removes heat tint from the heat-effected zone of MIG, TIG and spot welds, cleaning the surface and allowing passivation on stainless steel to begin without altering the surface finish

What is weld passivation?

     Long story short, passivation is the reason why stainless steels remain corrosion resistant for so long. To be in a passive state, a thin layer of chromium oxide has to form on surface of the metal. This is achieved through the process of passivation.

     The integrated tank and flow-through system ensures the electrolyte solution is delivered directly to the work piece, minimizing the potential for spillage or cross-contamination.  The dynamic current control also ensures that the electrical current will not cause micropitting on the surface.

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