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    Certified Trade Solutions has the right machine for your next job.  If its a rainbow coloured TIG weave, a clean - spatter free - MIG bead, or a large STICK multi-pass, we have you covered.


     We can also assist you with more specific and specialized welding needs by researching or sourcing the right solutions to complete your project.


     We own Walter Surfox 305 electro-chemical weld cleaning machine to passivate, clean welds.  This can also be used to etch and mark custom labels, logos, bar codes, serial numbers, RFID tags, etc.

     Our shop tools include: 50-ton hydraulic ironworker, 2 - Hydmech S23 floor-mounted bandsaw, water-cooled high-frequency tig welders,  dual MIG welders, portable suitcase TIG welder, Walter Surfox 305 weld cleaner, weld positioners. 


We also offer onsite mobile welding services to work on your projects that can't make it to the shop. 

Mobile equipment inlcudes: dual diesel welder/welding trailer, mobile gas welders, Fronius cordless welders, hydraulic porta punch, site tool box, equipment 20' tilt trailer, utlity trailers and more.

Welding Processes and Capabilities

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